About us

The Bayerische Landeskoordinierungsstelle Musik (BLKM) (The Coordination Centre for Music in Bavaria) functions as the central service center for music education projects in Bavaria. The BLKM works on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, the Bavarian State Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Affairs, and the Bavarian Music Council (BMR).

Founded in 2011 the BLKM is acting on behalf of the aforementioned ministries and cooperates with the Bavarian Music Council. The aim of the BLKM is to collect, present, communicate and implement music education projects in Bavaria.

The tasks and goals of the BLKM in detail:

  • Service Centre for music education projects
  • Systematization of music education projects
  • Collection, evaluation and implementation of further education (e. g. for music teachers)
  • Development of quality criteria
  • Support for new initiatives in the field of music education
  • Cooperation and networking in and between kindergartens, schools, associations, music education institutions, music education projects, senior citizens' projects
  • Development of cooperation models to support the expansion of musical education in all regions of Bavaria

The advisory board consists of three representatives of the aforementioned ministries as well as three representatives from the presidency of the BMR:

The office informs the advisory board in the spring and autumn of each year about the focus and initiatives of the BLKM. The office is led by Christiane Franke (representative of the BMR/StMBW), Christian Schumacher (representative of the StMUK/ISB) and Dagmar Winterhalter-Salvatore (representative of the IFP/StMAS). The advisory board decides on the priorities and initiatives to be implemented. The advisory board is also responsible for the communication of the tasks decided upon for the BLKM to the respective ministries and the Bavarian Music Council.